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We provide advice by telephone or Skype

The request for online legal advice or opinion is a tool, which is expressly provided for by the italian code of ethics of the lawyers, by which the applicant makes a query in order to a specific legal problem, to take advantage of the expertise and experience of a lawyer. The lawyer will first estimate the cost of the advice and send it for free to the applicant, and, after the payment (bank transfer), will provide the expertise requested below.

At he same time, customers also have the opportunity to talk over the Internet with the lawyers of our firm via Skype, Skymeeting or by phone.
Our law firm reserves the right to accept the received requests for video conference and, in this case, send an e-mail message containing the estimated cost for the professional activity, and the name of the lawyer who is entrusted to advice.

At the receiving of payment requested, the firm will agree via e-mail with the client the date and time of the appointment, as well as the confirmation of the chosen way of communication.

Appointments will last up to 45 minutes.

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Info Notes

Within two working days from the receipt of the email, and only where it is considered possible to provide our advice, we’ll send the applicant a confirmation e-mail of acceptance of the assignment.

In the email will also be written:

– The name of the lawyer who will provide the advice;
– A commitment by the lawyer, to provide advice, upon payment, within the time provided for in this Agreement;
– The estimate of the amount, inclusive of VAT and CPA, which is required for the service;
– The information about the method of payment of the consideration for the service, and the details to make the same payment by bank transfer.

The applicant will have five days to make the payment of the service requested, or the application will be considered invalid; in each case at no cost to the applicant.

The legal advice will be made after receipt of the payment of the agreed amount.

If the applicant, for any reason, no longer wish to receive the advice, after receipt of the estimate, the request will be considered invalid and will not be charged.

The Law Firm will email the invoice for every payment received.

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